The most powerful and impactful art comes from those who are free to create without external or internal constraints or expectations that compromise the essence of the art project. Artists that stay aligned with the purpose of their art are able to focus on what truly resonates with them and with their audience, which eventually leads to artistic fulfilment.

In Artistic Direction we focus on two objectives in particular. One is to achieve more sovereignty as an artist and entrepreneur and the other is to get the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully realise an artistic project in a way, that it leads to concrete, measurable results and generates genuine feedback and resonance from a real audience.

The traditional culture and music industry model no longer holds the power it once did, and it’s the best time to forge a path into creative sovereignty. Since it has undergone a significant change with the evolution of technology and uprising of social media with ever-increasing options and opportunities, it has become challenging to navigate the complex art, culture and entertainment world without getting overwhelmed. This is where our all-in-one Artistic Direction and Development Service comes in. Here we offer one-on-one attention and tailor made guidance to navigate the complexity of the art world.

We are NOT offering a  short-cut “pretending-as-if” approach that is aiming for quick, expensive marketing campaigns with blown up fake engagement on social media by simply focussing on trends and numbers. When you become part of our artistic direction process you will learn why this approach only has short term effects that are not sustainable over time and lack originality.

What does it mean to be a "Sovereign Artist"?

Being a sovereign artist means having a clear vision for the artistic path, being able to make decisions based on one’s own values and purpose, taking responsibility for one’s actions and outcomes and being aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses. A sovereign, independent artist will only trust competent guidance that demonstrates true achievements, will create with other sovereign people and reject external interferences that are inconsistent with their true values or compromise the essence of their art. To get to this point also requires financial independence.

Artists that are relying on resources provided by family connections, by governmental funds or institutions are often expected to follow certain expectations, narratives or agendas outside the artistic purpose, that align with the interests of those providing the funding. This results in a loss of creative freedom and artistic integrity. These artists may feel pressure to conform to certain political or social stances, which can impact the authenticity of their work and shift their focus away from their objectives towards often conflicting interests of others.

Sovereign artists on the other hand are not running after gatekeepers or the validation of those that are only impressed by certain trends and are not beholden to any particular ideology, narrative, or agenda. They put the artistic objective and achievement first and are driven purely by a precise artistic vision and a desire to create something substantial, meaningful and enduring.

What does the "Artistic Director" (not Art Director) DO?

Not to be confused with “Art director”.

Artistic direction is the executive and organisational leadership of an Artistic organism and process. It is generally used in theater organisations, but not only. Any artistic journey needs a director in order to achieve success. An artistic director must have years of professional experience in a variety of technical skills, expertise and professional knowledge, not only as a “coach/teacher”, but most importantly as an artist, actor, performer, filmmaker… who applied the knowledge by action and actual achievements.

We offer this option for creative individuals who would like to create their projects or artistic career independently. It is a useful service, especially for those who either don’t know where to start and those who tried hard in the past, but couldn’t make it.One can be a musician, a songwriter and someone who has a skill, but doesn’t know how to convert it into an income and make a living out of it.

Success is a long way of intelligent work that must be based on accurate knowledge. Only after accessing the knowledge, will the action require discipline and consistency. Without knowledge the action does not achieve the goal, regardless of how consistent the action is. So, growth cannot be based on general concepts or on a sense of “intuition”. That might create only an illusion of temporary success, but for the long run it will be self destructive. What we offer is the path of vital knowledge, truth, action and achievement. And taking this path needs a combination of many fields:

  • Performance – acting, presentation, performing and posing in front of camera and on stage…
  • Personality and the character of the artist – image, authenticity…
  • Artistic guidance – strategy, planning, seeing the big picture…
  • Media Production – writing, directing, professional photography, filmmaking, sound, lighting…

Each one of the above is a science on its own and to achieve success, it is important to understand that because it’s artistic work, it doesn’t mean it can be arbitrary and intuitive. That’s a cliché that can be told in films and in PR stories, not in real life. So, one needs to go through coaching processes of performance and personality, we need to produce the relevant content and find the most effective and budget friendly way to spread the message.

This journey is available to those who would like to walk their path of passion into achievement and fulfilment, from A to Z, especially for those who would like to make it without being dependent on external entities – governmental funds, sponsorships…

Many feel that all they need is one photography session, one social media work or one (viral) video… in order to create their journey. Sometimes they do it just because they have seen someone else doing it. But they cannot see the link between this and the big picture and how to continue from there.

So one would be investing time and efforts without actual success. After repeating this again and again, one might lose hope and belief that the magic can actually happen.

The ability to see the big picture and to connect all the pieces into one complete unit is a rare skill and a science that I have studied and successfully worked with for more than 20 years. In addition to building my artist career, I have succeeded in helping others achieve their goals and transform their lives, not only through (verbal) guidance and inspiration, but also by execution, action and actual achievement.


Mental and emotional preparation is the foundation for your artistic journey. At the very beginning, before starting any production or performance, we need to be ready for it and consider the challenges it brings, emotional, mentally, intellectually, financially, socially and artistically. Preparing your mindset also helps you to build and strengthen commitment, focus and determination for the artistic path. This kind of coaching can be used as a one time consultation or as a regular coaching process to achieve specific goals.

2 Develop a CLEAR VISION

Only a clear vision can lead to a measurable result, an achievement, a project or artistic product that creates resonance and a genuine feedback by a real audience. Growth cannot be based on general concepts or a sense of intuition. That might create an illusion of temporary success, but for the long run it will be self destructive. Some might feel that all they need is one piece of the puzzle in order to complete the picture, unaware of many other pieces that are as important. Some find themselves in a state of unconscious gambling, wishful thinking and expectations, without seeing the desired outcome, which can lead to disappointment and loss of hope. This can change, when following professional guidance. This means picking up all the pieces of the puzzle that might look separate at first, but in the end, they connect into one big picture, in order to achieve the desired outcome and create that sense of completion and realisation. Especially since being an artist demands to balance roles as entrepreneurs, marketers, technicians and performers, who inspire people and emotionally enrich the world. It can be overwhelming for artists to try and navigate all of these different roles on their own. The ability to see the big picture and connect all the pieces into one complete unit is a rare skill and a science that our artistic director studied and successfully applied by action and achievement for almost two decades.

3 Set your CREATIVE GOALS and improve your SKILLS

A creative goal could be a specific project or series of artworks that you want to achieve within a given period. We help you develop a plan that works for you, tailored to your needs and aspirations – a roadmap to your personal success. It can be challenging to stay oriented, focused and motivated on your own, but with the guidance from those who have already walked the path, you will be equipped with the tools to navigate the art business and get support every step of the way. Part of this process is to improve your skills by challenging yourself to overcome your limitations, pushing yourself to stretch beyond your comfort zone, breaking free from creative blocks and honing your craft. Remember that the journey towards artistic freedom is never-ending, and with each step, you will discover new depths of creativity within yourself. But in the end the achievement has to be visible.

4 turn your objectives into CONCRETE RESULTS

The journey requires commitment, focus, and determination and with the right tools and our media production services you will have the opportunity to create substantial, meaningful and enduring work. This is where you can benefit from our media production services to produce videos, music, photography or performances. Part of this step is to develop your creative identity. Knowing who you are as an artist is essential in bringing out the best of your creativity and align it with your skills and talents and build your art brand. In the end, it is about generating real achievements by getting genuine feedback by an audience that is excited about your creations. 

5 inspire your AUDIENCE

All the previous steps lead to one objective: inspiring your audience with your artistic product, project or performance. Our Performance Coaching helps you to prepare for this moment, so that everything you put out will speak directly and truthfully to the hearts and minds of your audience. Action speaks louder than words and is measured by the quality of the performance and real achievement. 


walk the journey sovereignly • create your art successfully • deliver your message honestly

mindset and mental preparation

build a foundation for your artistic journey to be ready for the challenges it brings.

tailored to your needs

receive one-on-one attention and tailor made guidance for your artistic journey, find your artistic purpose.

goal setting and branding

develop an artistic identity, set objectives and creative goals. We provide you with a roadmap for your artistic path.

projects from A to Z

with us you can plan and execute your artistic projects. We guide you every step of the way to achievement.

performance coaching

expand your skills with our various trainings and coachings for performance, acting, singing.

media production

with all pieces of the puzzle: storytelling, direction and creation. We produce videos, music and photography for you.



from the various services and packages we offer.


let us know a bit about you and how we could help.


for an artistic direction orientation coaching session


to get a first impression and find out more about artistic direction.


Coaching & Performance



per hour


for a continuous process and progressive work


working on long term objectives


planning, strategy, tracking the process…


working on your performance skills, group dynamics challenges…


online and remote

Consultation & Preparation



per hour


one time consultation


for short term objectives


working on a speech or moderation


preparing for a casting, acting scene or performance


performance preparation for singers and work with songtext


online and remote

Artistic Direction media production

Budget oriented


per project & long term objectives


directing progressive projects requires efforts that depend on its characteristics


the size, the amount of the crew, budget, locations, transportation, equipments…


guaranteed maximum quality out of the attainable budget

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