We are experienced directors in video, film, theatre and music. We bring creative visions to life and execute the projects executed in a cohesive and effective manner. In addition to the necessary professional knowledge, we approach every project with open minds and hearts and with the observation and awareness of sovereign artists. Our out of the box mindset allows us to direct and create work that is innovative, moving and thought-provoking, so that the creation speaks to the hearts and minds of the audience and generates real resonance.


We are independent, professional artists who create films, theatre and music. We love our profession and treat every project and every creation with passion, skills and authenticity. As independent creators without any financial support or funding from governmental entities we are able to operate without the constraints of mainstream media and without conforming to the expectations and trends of society. This allows us to explore different themes and stories off the beaten track. With every project we create, we support the artists in making their essence visible and audible.


As professional performers, we have a unique access to the art of acting, performance, singing and voice. We studied our professions, applied the knowledge in the culture industries and gained experience for more than 15 years by performing on stages, in theatre, in film and by teaching speakers, actors and singers. All our experience and knowledge flows into our performance coaching, voice training and singing lessons. We guide aspiring and professional artists through every step that is required to improve their skills and unfold their potential.


 Singer | Music Producer | Composer | Vocal Coach & Singing Teacher  

Maria studied piano and voice from early on and started performing in the age of 15. While graduating with a Master of Arts in Music Ethnology later on, she was exploring the music and singing techniques of various cultures and worked as analyst for vocal sound.

Besides her ongoing activities as a musician on and off stage, building a consistent online audience and working as a music producer and composer, she is a dedicated, passionate voice and singing teacher for over 16 years. Inspired by her further training in bodywork, dance (Afro Dance, Tango, Hip Hop Dance), acting (Stanislavski, Grotowski, Method Acting), voice (functional voice training, Linklater, artistic speech training) and process work she developed her own teaching methods. She is a certified pedagogic trainer (by Landesmusikakademie Berlin) for music groups and bands and works as a voice coach for different Berlin choirs.

Unique for her method is intense body and voice work with focus on vocal support through the natural center gravity, balance control, a special emphasis on voice recovery, breathing techniques, functional voice training and artistic vocal coaching. Her in depth knowledge of physiological and functional aspects
of voice productions allows her to combine a systematic approach with an integral, holistic, process-oriented and artistic one.
She offers her work to singers of all genres, for actors, speakers, business person, teams and vocal groups.

Since many years she performs as a vocalist (Pop, Jazz, Operette, Chanson and Classic) for projects like Tanger Trio & Ensemble Mondaine, Berliner Solistenchor, Radio Plays and Audiovisual Installations with Wittmann & Zeitblom (“Audio.Space.Machine” and “Ocean.World.Modules”), Gemma Ray, Once I had a Pony, appeared in Movie productions like “Drei” (Tom Tykwer) and “Deutschland 09” (Wolfgang Becker), broadcast “Schönsprech” and “Die 14. Provinz”. GoJa writes her own songs and composes Soundtracks for Theater productions and Films.



since 1989 Solo Singer for Pop, Jazz, Operette, Classical music
since 2013 Maria GoJa Solo Project
2021 Singer and pianist for radio play Ocean.World.Modules by Wittmann & Zeitblom / DLF, NDR
2019 Singer and pianist for an award winning radio feature Audio.Space.Machine by Wittmann & Zeitblom / DLF, NDR, SWR
2013-2018 Background Singer for Gemma Ray
 since 2012 Solo Singer for Tanger Trio & Ensemble Mondaine – Hans-Jörn Brandenburg
2011 Vocalist for Movie Drei / Tom Tykwer, X-Filme
2011 Vocal Trio Seven Seasons Acapella Soul
2010 Electro-Acoustical Pop-Duo Once I had a Pony
2010 Vocalist for Movie Deutschland 09 / Wolfgang Becker
2003-2012 Singer for Berliner Solistenchor

Performed with various projects in Switzerland and Germany on stages like Berliner Ensemble, Konzerthaus, Nikolaisaal Potsdam, B-Flat, Imperial/Admiralspalast, Columbia-Club, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Songtage Magdeburg, Kaffee Burger, Die Wabe, Artenschutztheater, Schokoladen Mitte, Kaffee Burger, Die Glocke, Teatro Köln, Stramu Würzburg and many others



since 2014 In-house seminars and training on the topic of voice and presentation for companies (Verdi, Riot Games and others )
2011-2020 vocal coaching for the Choir Capella Kreuzberg
2011-2013 vocal coaching for the Choir Klangwerk 306
2008-2011 Solo Singer for Tanger Trio & Ensemble Mondaine – Hans-Jörn Brandenburg
2011 Vocal Trio Seven Seasons Acapella Soul
2010 Electro-Acoustical Experimental Pop-Duo Once I had a Pony
2003-2007 Singer for Berliner Solistenchor
2008-2011 certified for the pedagogical music band work with children and teenagers / founding member of the association “Die Bandarbeiter e.V.”
2009-2013 working as voice therapist in studio for logopedics and speech therapy
2003-2011 accompanying voice pedagogical training and work shadowing in the methodology »The Free Voice«
since 1989 Classical training for piano and voice as well as vocal training in jazz and popular music



2003-2008 Master of Arts in Comparative Musicology at the Free University of Berlin and PhD Doctoral research studies about vocal techniques of foreign music cultures in relation to western music cultures at the Universität der Künste Berlin
2003 participant in occasional Seminars at Jazzinstitut Berlin (JIB) University of Arts: Authentic Performance, Jazz Theory, Transcription, African Drums, Bodypercussion.
2005-2008 North Indian Dhrupad singing education wih Ashish Sankrityayan
2006-2008 Scholarship of the Cologne Gymnasium- und Stiftungsfonds for qualifying research work on »Vocal techniques in North Indian art song Dhrupad«
2008-2011 certified for the pedagogical music band work with children and teenagers / founding member of the association “Die Bandarbeiter e.V.”



2021 Without You I Can Breathe (Songwriting and Music Production)
2021 Angstfrei (Songwriting and Music Production)
2020 Podcast Music for Pionira (Composition and Production)
2019 Song of Solomon – Short Film (Film Music Score – Composition & Production)
2019 Soulquakes (Songwriting and Music Production)
2017 Behind The Sun (Songwriting and Music Production)
2016 Uncertainty (Songwriting and Music Production)
2016 So What?! (Composition and Music Production)
2015 Waiting For Giddo – Short Film (Film Music Score – Composition & Production)
2015 Disconnections – Short Film (Film Music Score – Composition & Production)
2019 Crying Dogs (Songwriting and Music Production)
2014 I Am That – Short Film (Film Music Score – Composition & Production)
2014 MissFire – Album (Songwriting and Music Production)
2013 Kali (Songwriting and Music Production)
2013 Sometimes at Night – Album (Music Composition & Production)
2013 Sometimes at Night – Theaterplay (Music Composition & Music Direction)
2012 MissFire – Theaterplay (Music Composition)
2007-2008 Sound Design & Audio Produktion for Movie Webseites (StudioNeu / Senator Film)
2004-2008 Minibus Media, Sound Design & Audio Production for various Documentaries



Director | Writer | Filmmaker | Actor | Performance & Acting Coach 

Shredy studied Acting, Storytelling and Psychodrama in the Faculty of Art – the Theatre and Cinema Departments at Tel-Aviv University. For many years he worked as an actor and performer in theatres and films all over the world. Later he started writing and directing theatre and video productions. In Berlin he initiated various projects with other actors and is passing his knowledge to artists by teaching acting and performance.

Today he writes and directs music videos, media productions and online content. He also guides aspiring artists to navigate their way in the complex art and culture industry.

Worked with
Natalie Portman, Leonardo Dicaprio, Ridley Scott, Jeanne Moreau, Julian Schnabel, Freida Pinto, Janusz Wisniewski, Eric Elmosnino, Kev Adams …

Worked for
ZDF – TV, ARD – TV, Die Schaubühne (Berlin), Nowy teatr (Poznan),
The Cameri Theater (Tel Aviv), Festival d’Avignon …

2001-2004 Studied the Arts of Performance at Tel-Aviv University

Coaching and Training
2013-2018 Intensively working with private clients on public speaking skills, performance techniques, group dynamics and personal and intercultural communication


2008 Nominated to the Ofir Film Academy Award for the best actor in the main role category “For my father”
2008 Nominated to the Theatre Academy award representing the Cameri theater of Tel Aviv



2022 Not My Drama – Music Video
2021 Without You I Can Breathe – Music Video
2021 Angstfrei – Music Video
2020 So What?! – Music Video
2019 Soulquakes – Music Video
2017 Behind The Sun – Music Video
2016 Uncertainty – Music Video
2016 So What?! – Video Production
2015 Waiting For Giddo – Short Film
2015 Disconnections – Short Film
2014 Crying Dogs – Music Video
2014 I Am That – Short Film
2013 Kali – Music Video
2012 MissFire – Theaterplay

and various other videos for online platforms



Film Productions

2015 Children of Light – Shredy Jabarin
2014 Mars at Sunrise – Jessica Habie
2013 The Savior – Robert Savo
2013 Kiddon – Emanuel Nekach
2010 Miral – Julian Schnabel
2009 Mrs. Moskowitz&the Cats – George Gorevitz
2009 Carmel – Amos Guitai
2008 Body of Lies – Ridley Scott
2008 For my Father – Dror Zahavi
2006 The Bubble – Eythan Fox
2005 Avenge but One of My Eyes – Avi Mograbi
2005 Free Zone – Amos Guitai


Theater Productions

2011-2012 The Day before the last Day – Schaubuehne, Berlin, Germany
2010-2012 Death and the Maiden – Al Midan Theatre, Haifa, Israel
2009-2010 The Wars of Sons of Light – Avignon’s Festival, France
and the Odeon Theatre, Paris, France
2008-2010 The second End of Europe – The Nowy Theatre, Poznan, Poland
2008 Gefen Baladi – The Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel
2006-2008 Plonter – The Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel
2005 The Red Tent – The Simta Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel
2004 Masked – The Arab Hebrew Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel
2004 A winter in the Checkpoint – The Arab Hebrew Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel
2004 Forced Landing – The Arab Hebrew Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel


TV Productions

2013 The Jerusalem Syndrome – Dror Zahavi, ARD
2012 Munich 72 – Dror Zahavi, ZDF
2010-2011 Taxi Driver – Eythan Haner, Ethan Zur
2010 Arabs Labor – Shay Capon
2009 Naked Truth – Uri Barabash
2008 Good Intensions – Uri Barabash


Frequently Asked Questions


You don’t have to sign a contract to attend the individual voice lessons, performance coaching or artistic direction coaching. Depending on the package you choose, you can stop anytime, as long as the booked lessons have been paid.


Lessons can be canceled up to 48 hours in advance. If the appointment is canceled in less than 48 hours, it may be charged, unless an alternative appointment for the same week can be made.


A learning process is very individual. Our objective is your achievement and accomplishment, but there are no short cuts. The process will take its time, but it can be very enjoyable and you will learn a lot about yourself along the way. How long it takes until the skills are ready for an audience, depends on various factors: trust in the process, receptiveness, the mindset, physical flexibility, focus, dedication, practice and commitment to the objective. 
Especially at the beginning a weekly appointment is usually necessary, in order to make progress. After the first lesson you will get an individual recommendation that will be adjusted in the process.


All services and coachings can be combined. Contact us with your specific wishes and we create a package for your needs that give you the most benefits for your budget. In some cases it makes sense to organize appointments and tasks in a specific order that is tailored to you. You will learn more about this in the first coaching sessions.


All coaching sessions take place in 10777 Berlin Schöneberg or online via call by video. For the productions there may be various locations and studios in Berlin, depending on the project. 


It’s never too late to learn something new or start a project. If the passion for singing or acting burns on the soul, it is possible to learn or create at any age. You can never predict where the journey will take you, but we will choose the goals according to the circumstances to get most out of it. This journey can also be about personal growth, being creative and doing something in live that is fulfilling.



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Consultation & Preparation


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Budget oriented

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8 vocal coachings


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Preparation Coaching


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Voice & Performance Pack


prize per hour for regular, weekly lessons

8 performance coachings

8 vocal coachings

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Budget oriented

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Budget oriented

per project & long term objectives

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