We help you to find your artistic purpose, connect all the parts to navigate through the complex and ever-changing creative industries and become a sovereign artist that thrives from their creative work.


With a range of services under one roof we create high quality content for professional or upcoming artists to genuinely convey their artistic vision to amplify the emotional impact of their craft.


Improve your skills by learning from experienced professionals. In our voice and singing classes, acting and performance training we support you to discover your full creative potential.



We are experienced directors in video, film, theatre and music. We bring creative visions to life and execute the projects in a cohesive and effective manner. In addition to the necessary professional knowledge and skills, we approach every project with open minds and hearts and with the observation and awareness of sovereign artists. Our out of the box mindset allows us to direct and create work that is innovative, moving or even thought-provoking, so that the creation speaks to the hearts and minds of the audience and generates real resonance.


We are independent, professional artists who create films, theatre and music. We love our profession and treat every project and every creation with passion and authenticity. As independent creators without any financial support or funding from governmental entities, we are able to operate without the constraints of mainstream media and without conforming to the expectations and trends of society. This allows us to explore different themes and stories off the beaten track. With every project we create, we support the artists in making their essence visible and audible in the most authentic way possible.


As professional performers, we have a unique access to the art of acting, performance, music and voice. We studied our professions, applied the knowledge in the culture industries and gained experience for more than 15 years by performing on stages, in theatre, in film and by teaching speakers, actors and singers. All our experience and knowledge flows into our artistic direction, performance coaching, voice training and singing lessons. We guide aspiring and professional artists through every step that is required to improve their skills and unfold their potential.


Singer | Music Producer | Composer | Vocal Coach & Singing Teacher


Artistic Director | Writer | Filmmaker | Actor | Performance Coach